In front of the study, 2002

The idea behind my painting

Oil, egg distemper and pastel are my favourite colour materials as well as the various compound techniques they allow. Colour is used deliberately and in a powerful, dense way as a means of expression. It plays a vital part in the construction of a painting. Occasionally there are local colours in connection with figures or shadows. Although of a genuine graphic nature they are embedded in further layers of colour.

Nothing should be predictable or shaped along viewing habits and traditions. For me colour itself is constructional shape as well as permanent experiment. Expression as a mere psychological or emotional phenomenon is impossible. "The act of expressing oneself is a physical one. It materializes the thought." (Ager Jorn in 'Speech to the penguins', Cobra Nr. 1, 1948)

The subjects are traditional: The human figure in its surrounding space, landscapes, still lives now and then. My painting is neither figurative nor abstract. Conscious of the inevitability of tradition I search for my own genuine way of artistic representation. Trusting my own recognition as a way of experience, never committing myself, allowing opposites - this is the idea behind my paintings.

Christine Beck, February 2002


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